Wigs for black women choice between human hair or synthetic black women's wigs is a difficult one for many people. Synthetic wigs are much less costly, and you could obtain two or three of them for the price of a really good real hair wig. Don't let price be your only consideration though. There are many other things which you must take into account.

Then there is the question of styling. A real hair wig can be treated just like your own hair. You can restyle it using a hair dryer and curling tongs to any style you want after washing it. Synthetic wigs cannot be successfully restyled and will always remain in the same style.

There are advantages to synthetic wigs of course. As previously mentioned they cost a lot less and you could purchase several of them for the price of one good natural hair wig. This means you can change the style of your hair frequently if you wish simply by donning another wig. A synthetic wig keeps it style even after washing so you do not have to restyle it every time you wash it.